This rules, that all players must obey, are laid down to maintain a realistic gameplay and for creating a respect space between the players as well.

  1. Be respectful to other players (No offensive names, racist, etc).
  2. One company for each player, or shared between several of them.
  3. Do not block or sabotage companies, industries or cities. Also applied to "copied" lines. It's forbidden taking cargo from industries if there are other companies' active stations. Hotels included if they are away from the town or if they are inside but town population is less than 2500.
  4. No huge terraforming (sea, mountains, etc); use tunnel and bridges. Maximum 1 tile high for ditches and embankments.
  5. Build bridges instead level crossings in rail roads with much traffic or high speed ones.
  6. It is forbidden to connect two land masses with bridges (unless it exists in real world). Use ships or planes. Raising the sea is not allowed.
  7. Do not buy a big amount of land; just the needed for enlarge the station.
  8. No abuse of station spread. Maximum 5 tiles between not united stations (Manhattan distance).
  9. It is not allowed to increase artificially the station rating.
  10. Companies that make cities grow can reserve the right to use the recyclables the city produce.


By playing on the servers, compliance with these rules is accepted de facto.


Companies breaking these rules will be penalized or eliminated, and their players kicked or banned.


These rules can change at any moment. Servers admins, represented by company 1 "Ministry of Public Works" or similar, reserve the right for making any change at any time in the game.